Q: Where are you located on Saturday Mornings?

A: Our main hub and local watering hole is located at 692 Coffee and Bar! 5546 Manotick Main Street.  We start and Finish here for scones, coffee, shakes and beer!

Q: Do you meet at the same spot on Wednesday night?

A: We meet all over Manotick on Wednesday nights! The track, a random hill or at 692.  We like to switch it up so a weekly e-mail tells people where they are to go!

Q: What pace do people run at?

A: We have runners of all levels and all age groups (aside from kids, but we will have a kids club).  Anywhere from 4:00-8:00 min/k.

Q: How early do you run on Saturday?

A: We have a lot of people with young families and stuff to do on a Saturday so the earlier the better! 5:30-7:00am.

Q: How about Wednesday Nights?

A: We run starting at 6:00pm and ending around 6:45pm.

Q: What is the membership fee for? and how much?

A: Once you become a member, you have an instant team of support and accountability.  We have our own chat group on TeamSnap and gives you access to seminars, exclusive run club nights and pays for the coaches time and admin.  It helps us, help you!

Q: How will we know time and route for Saturday's run?

A: The Coaches will post all of that information before Saturday via TeamSnap.

Q: Can I run with my pet or my kids?

A: It is totally not out of the question but if everyone brings their dog and kids it's more of a safety concern.  Just let us know if you need/want too ahead of time!  

Q: I'm nervous to start running again and I don't know anyone?

A: That's why there is this amazing community just waiting for you! We will probably hug you on the first day!

Q: Can I train with you for my first Marathon, or 5K?!

A; Heck yes you can! As we said earlier, we have all levels and this running community embraces everyone!

See you on the pavement/gravel!